Protect yourself emotionally and financially! Working as an escort may sound fun, glamorous, luxurious and easy, but every escort finds out soon enough, after entering this line of work, that working as a companion comes with a lot of perks but also with a lot of things to look after [more...]
The Internet, The Law, and Your Free Speech Rights as an Escort BLACKLIST is a Resource tool for Escorts Client BLACKLIST is designed to help female escorts and escort agencies by giving them the information they need to avoid booking dates with bad or dangerous clients. Subscribing to BLACKLIST builds [more...]
3. Cyprus – escorting is legal, but both brothel ownership and pimping are illegal.  Cyprus – Prostitution is legal in Cyprus and the island proves a very profitable space for many escorts. Sex trafficking is quite common, however, so the authorities are usually on the alert. Brothel ownership and pimping [more...]