Apr 03 2017

Protect yourself emotionally and financially!

Protect yourself emotionally and financially! Working as an escort may sound fun, glamorous, luxurious and easy, but every escort finds out soon enough, after entering this line of work, that working as a companion comes with a lot of perks but also with a lot of things to look after – like the financial, emotional and physical aspects of this new life. Watch out for the emotional distress! Being an escort is not an easy job because of all the emotions involved and the constant dealing with difficult, needy, aggressive, dominant males. That’s why, from time to time you may feel exhausted, drained of energy, emotional and in need of some private space! And all this it’s normal, take your time, go on a vacation, spend some time with friends and family, dedicate your time to the things that you enjoy doing and to your hobbies and just forget all about clients and stress. Avoid being called by clients in this free time you’re taking, by letting them know in advance that you need some space, that you’ll leave the country and that you don’t want to be bothered. They will surely understand that you need to recharge, especially when they are coming to you especially because you offer them something different from the nerves, stress and problems they are facing at home. You’re a psychologist in bed! When we talk about emotions, we are talking about both your client’s emotions and yours. The client comes to you like at a psychologist, in need to be heard, listened and understood. He will pour his heart out, express all his repressed feelings and bring to light all his deepest desires. That’s why you must be in your best state of mind so that you can counteract all the emotions coming your way. Always keep it professional! When we talk about your emotions we refer to your emotional attachment. Don’t forget that you are human and that you may be tempted to act and feel close to some of your clients. But don’t forget that you are a service provider and escorting is not a quest in finding Mr. Right or Mr. Perfect.Keep reminding yourself that, so that you can keep your emotions in control and don’t feel tempted to fall for one of your dates. You want your clients to turn into regulars, but that doesn’t mean that things can go past this point. Keep it professional and don’t put yourself out there because this way you’ll be vulnerable to pain and disappointment. Protect your finances! Remind yourself why are you doing this – for the lifestyle, for the money, for the fun of it? Whatever the answer is, the financial part is pretty important, especially because this is a job with an expiration date. You won’t be doing this forever, so keep a close eye on your finances, put something aside for rainy days, always demand to be paid for your time and always up-front, before an appointment, so that you won’t get ripped off. Never go at a date will all your credit cards, ID’s and full wallet. Instead, always make sure someone knows where you are and who are you meeting with and also the length of the date. Bring some money with you, but never too much! Be prepared for anything, don’t lose your mind over a client, remember to take some time off, once in a while and you’ll be just fine! 💞 Russian Escort Book 💞 ☎️ 00 357 96 81 26 98