Nov 04 2016

InterNational BLACKLIST : We Don't Escort Without It!

The Internet, The Law, and Your Free Speech Rights as an Escort BLACKLIST is a Resource tool for Escorts Client BLACKLIST is designed to help female escorts and escort agencies by giving them the information they need to avoid booking dates with bad or dangerous clients. Subscribing to BLACKLIST builds an escort's sense of personal power to control her business by avoiding times wasters, scammers, and abusers. 



Our Purpose & Mission: To provide a platform where female escorts and escort agencies can exchange vital and timely information about bad customer encounters. By posting incidents to Client  BLACKLIST such as threats, verbal or physical abuse, violence, rip offs, wasted time, pranksters, or withholding money, female escorts can share valuable information to make their lives more safe and secure! Our easy to search database provides the information you need when you need it to make an informed decision.


FREE Posting: Escorts not need to be a member to post. Please be fair and honest. Your report may help save other escorts from a similar situation. The only way female escorts can increase their safety is to rely upon each other. The incidents information is searchable, and is best searched by phone the bad customer's name, review board handle, phone number, and email.
Subscription Benefits:
1. Escorts can take comfort knowing they have the most comphrensive and up to date data base.
2. The mere presence of InterNational Client Blacklist will deter certain men from behaving badly for fear they will wind up on this escort blacklist. The fear of being discovered and exposed can ruin their reputation with their family, friends, neighbors, employers, and associates. If this fear cause's men to behave better then escorting will be safer for all female escorts.
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While escorts usually send us positive e-mails about InterNational BLACKLIST, we continue to need your postings and feedback so this resource can continue to succeed. This site can not help female escorts work safer and more effectively without your input. For your suggestions, questions, or comments please 




ThailanAgency: 2016-11-04 14:22:44
Name: Arsalan Khan Meeting city: Bangkok, Thailand Date added: 2.10.2016 Email: Phone: n/a Client given a detailed email with confirmation details and invoice with breakdown of services, itemized price and total price due (over 5 different times via email in advance). Client was late by 2 hours but did inform of delay in advance. client received services and refused to pay full amount due. Offending Client Info: Date: 02-OCT-16 Mr. Arsalan Khan BEST WESTERN PLUS Wanda Grand (map attached) *Room Number 1812* 111 M. 4 Chaengwattana Road, Klongklua, Pakkred, Nonthaburi, Thailand 11120 Hotel Phone: +66 2582 8282
Maly Butterfly: 2016-11-04 15:23:20
Meeting city: Bangkok, Thailand Date added: 1.10.2016 Phone: +66-94-526-6166 Name: N/A I a just looking for a place to share suspicious activity from a client. Cannot find anything for Thailand. Well I'll share to your website. This is a friendly WARNING to any girl that are working as INDEPENDANT. I'm only reporting something that happened, luckily nothing serious resulted of it but it could have. Girls, I know its a bit long to read but please do, and please just be careful !! First of all, I am myself an independent ! I've always worked alone, and will never work for an agency as long as I'm doing this work. I will stop before that happening. If you are like me and value the fact that you are your own boss, and do not ever consider having to do this kind of job for somebody's else benefit, then please be aware of this. A few months ago I've been contacted by Line by an agency trying to recruit. I'am foreigner and find it weird, as I don't fit in the "Usual" agency criteria. I decline politely and ended the conversation. (I never delete any text receive for security matter. As a matter of fact it is a really good thing) In august, I receive a Line message from a client asking for a booking. Strangely, the text message came from the same Line ID that tried to recruit me. I told them that I was still not interested. The guy then told me that he was the owner of the agency, and that he would simply like to meet me as a client. (REALLY WEIRD) He said he was Korean-American and was located in ONNUT I was not free so REFUSED the meet. He contacted me back a few time, always asking for very late meeting, and i was never available. He asked me a lot of services out of the ordinary and also wanted bareback. I REFUSED AGAIN. He also wanted me to join him for 1-2 days in Cambodia. I REFUSED He contacted me every week till end of september. Again, delayed and refused the meet. Then, Last week I received a message but this time from Whatsapp. It was a Thai number. I didn't realized right away, as whatsapp store older messages. He had contacted me before in FEBRUARY. Asking me for an outcall, located in UDOMSUK and that he was from 32 from CHINA. He said my rates were too high but He requested lots of services including water sport, BDSM hard , Fisting, BAREBACK etc etc.... I REFUSED that meeting. Last week, he contacted me again via WHATSAPP. He began the conversation like if we never talked before. He said he was Korean-American from L.A. (I didnt remember that a korean-american ever contacted me before)I discussed as I usually do. This time, He said that my rates were okay. I didn't had time to replied this day. Tonight, he contacted me AGAIN asking for a meet sunday. While arranging details, he requesting all the same shit shit as before, and again I refuse the services I dont provide. He agreed. He said that if we clicked that he would bring me travelling. (I didn't replied, but was not at all part of my plan) I asked him a pic, same as I do for everyone. He said he didnt have one at the moment cause he have 2 phone (EVEN MORE WEIRD) He wanted to party all night. He also wanted to take video of the session, and asked again for the services I already refused. I asked him where he was located, this time he said he was IN THONGLOR. He then said by himself : BY THE WAY IM FROM SINGAPORE. ****DING DING DING, CONNECTION MADE IN MY HEAD ***** He told me Korean-American before !!! Right away I told him that he previously told me he was from somewhere else and that it sounded like bullshit. As soon as he saw this he blocked me. I GOOGLED THE NUMBER HE CONTACTED ME FROM. THE NUMBER OF RESULTS SHOWN MANY BACKPAGE ADS FROM THIS AGENCY Before, I thought it was a genuine agency. I then remembered all the other time he contacted me and went to have a look at the other messages. Indeed, it was all the same number. --- >>>> I tried to go on the agency website, but the website doesn't exist anymore and have been completed deleted.
Sara: 2016-11-04 15:29:36
Barclay Neira Meeting city: Bangkok, Thailand Date added: 26.11.2015 Email: Phone: Client receive VIP 2016 BMW Series 7 Airport pickup service with escort for a 5 day booking. Security deposit made in advice and final payment was made in full on arrival. Services were given for 2 days and then client called office to cancel booking saying that he had to leave Bangkok early due to a flight change. Client requested a full refund that was denied. Company policy on no refunds is listed on website, on commercial invoice and clearly listed in all email correspondents that there are no refunds on special requests, services booked or deposits. Client then threatened company and manager over the phone and said that he will cancel his credit card so we do not get any money and report us to his credit card company. We did get full payment from credit card with no issues. Client is an American, Address is: Barclay Neira 5522 Chalyce Lane Charlotte, NC 28270 United States
Highclass-Companion-Vip: 2016-11-04 15:37:07
01-11-2016 Tasos black listed in my phone for over 3 years +306951329478 Athens,Greece Don\'t pick up as he is always Drunk,Not a Serious Client at least I never go to Malakies like him.
Emi: 2016-11-04 15:39:45
27-10-2016 +306945261018 Athens/Greece Fake!!! Просит встретить голой, только чулки, приходит накидывается сразу, падает на пол целовать ноги и все остальное;))) потом прямо в куртке начинает снимать свои штаны,доставать член, и ТРЕБУЕТ ПОКАЗАТЬ АНАЛИЗЫ.. Ха ха ха.. Не показываешь, говорит нет я так не могу... (((( я так тоже не могу, до свидания.. Мне кажется просто ходит посмотреть..
MIRANDA BIG BOOBS: 2016-11-04 15:45:29
22-10-2016 +447480293839 Limassol Звонит и спрашивает за выезд. А потом отключает телефон и пропадает....
RussEscortBookadmin: 2016-11-04 17:28:13
+85290260752 Shangahi Bruce Simply for conversation! Loosing time ! 20 min of conversation doesn't give any info ! And refused reason that he can't wait 30 min till lady arrive ! It's shanghai ! No way make it faster ! Ladies ! Do not hesitate ! To leave comment ! We are also have an facebook account ! So you can see them full info and pictures eather!
RussianEscortBook: 2017-03-30 14:48:15
1B Kalavriton Street Strovolos nicosia. Red car infront of the house! +357 99 487606 Name Gregoris. FAKE!!!!!! He is calling for a girl.. than doesnt give her money telling her to leave! He ask for BJ without condom! it is extra! He doesnt spoke about such a service on the phone! Girls be aware of this men!